Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead people to know the love of Jesus Christ in a way that will change their lives forever.


Our Core Values


At Ephesus, we value...

- the Bible as God’s authoritative Word to us, our source of truth, and the foundation for all that we do and believe.

- all people of every age, race, background, and life situation as precious to God and worthy of our genuine love and attention.

- a spirit of unity characterized by mutual trust, positive attitudes, and open communication as we work together under the leadership of our Pastor and other church leaders to fulfill our God-given mission.

- excellence and effectiveness as the appropriate standards for our lives, our facilities, and our ministries in light of the fact that God has never been half-hearted in His love for us.

- the family as God’s gift to society, in constant need of support from the church and direction from the Word of God.

- the rich heritage of our church and the lasting contribution of those who have gone before us.

- the next generation as needing our attention, guidance, and encouragement and as having great potential for the kingdom of God in the present and in the future.