The Purpose of Our Ministry

We believe the first five years of life are the most important in building a foundation of faith in Jesus. We believe our calling is far more than to entertain and baby-sit. We know the time we spend with your child is preparing him or her to understand and accept the love of God when they are older. Because we strongly believe these things, we have an active partnership with parents to carry out the following purposes:

To provide a safe, clean and happy environment for preschoolers at church.

To provide age appropriate Bible learning activities for all preschoolers (including Babies and ones!)

To encourage the growth of each child spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.

To encourage and support parents in establishing a Christian home by providing resources as well as our time.

To encourage the active participation of parents in worship, Bible study and other church related activities as well as participation in the Preschool Ministry.

Our ultimate desire is for your child to know Jesus in a way that will change their lives forever! Thank you for entrusting your child to us. We consider it a privilege to help you teach your child about Jesus!


Preschoolers are active, curious, and creative! They need to be able to trust those who care for them and be able to accomplish things as they learn. That's why we use learning centers in our classrooms. Preschoolers are guided by loving teachers and encouraged to learn as they move around the classroom.

We use a security system for the drop off and pick up of all preschoolers. Please check in at the Welcome Desk for an explanation of the system or call Lori Lewis with any questions or concerns.

General Policies are enforced to ensure a positive experience for you preschooler. A copy of these policies are available at all times and are also printed in the Preschool Handbook.